The World of “City in the Clouds”

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The story of “City in the Clouds”  is set in a world of fantasy and magic that comes alive in various vivid colors. It‘s a world that is mostly peaceful, but there are many adventures waiting!

The journey starts off early in the morning, on a warm summer’s day. The morning haze at the coast slowly disappears and seagulls already start to circle over the sea. The fresh, yet slightly salty sea breeze invites to a relaxing walk by the seaside.

Not too long after you come closer to a forest. A small path in the shade of the trees leads along many different kinds of bushes and shrubs and ends at a peaceful clearing that sometimes serves as gathering place for wild animals. If you’re lucky, you may even see some rare animal species here. After a short rest, you continue your way along the forest path that leads to a large playground. On a sunny day like this, it’s usually a pretty busy place until the sun sets. After a walk through wide flowering meadows, you finally arrive at the “City in the Clouds”, which is well known for its windmill, even far beyond the borders of this island.

As the sky turns more and more dusky, the lights inside the houses slowly start to light up, crickets can be heard from the surrounding meadows, and from a nearby hill you have a good view of the starry sky and can enjoy the calm night scenery and a gentle evening wind. Some time passes and a swarm of fireflies starts to fly around near the ground, glowing like little flying lanterns. Sometimes, even dragons can be seen flying in the far distance through the night sky.

In this world, there are also many adventures waiting. A floating bridge leads to an island completely covered with ice. In this snow-bound land, there’s a secret cave entrance, hidden from even the keenest eyes. Legend has it that in this icy cave there are glowing crystals that once were guarded by the dragons. Only the bravest would venture to a place like this, as it is said that those crystals are still guarded by mystic beings that lurk in the cave’s darkness.

There’s also a submarine volcano that can only be reached by an ancient underwater passage which extends on the ocean floor deep below the sea and blocks the water off, so there is actually air to breath below the water in this magical place. The other side of this passage leads to another floating island with a giant maze of stone walls on it. The centerpiece of this maze is a big floating crystal that emits a glowing light, which can be seen from the other islands during nighttime.

…and there’s a lot more to explore while listening to the album or watching the artwork!