The Artwork

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The beautiful artwork for the album was done by two very talented artists. Romina Denti and Timojím Ilufi Jara really make this world come to life through their art.

Romina Denti

Romina is a professional colorist and painter from Italy. Daniel and Romina already knew each other before work on “City in the Clouds” has started, as both of them had already worked together on another project before, when Daniel was composing music for a video game.

Romina painted the scenic and detailed landscape for the album cover as well as the backside artwork that is also partially featured on the album’s first single cover. Romina’s artwork has a very distinctive style and really shows off a love to detail that fits the music perfectly. Visit her website to see more of her work.

Artwork for the ablum and single cover by Romina Denti

Timojím Ilufi Jara

Timojím is a professional illustrator and character designer from Chile. He specializes in a very pleasant and deep character design with lots of emotion and expression.

Daniel contacted Timojím near the end of the musical production for “City in the Clouds”, but both managed to work very efficiently together so the whole artwork for the booklet was created in the limited time they still had before the release. Timojím’s illustrations and character expressions are so deep and meaningful that each page of the booklet tells its own little story of adventuring. Part of one booklet picture has also been used for single cover of "Secrets of the Forest".

Artwork for the album booklet by Timojím Ilufi Jara