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The single with the title track of the album has been released on 12/12/12. It takes the listener to a journey far away to an unknown world full of peace and harmony..

The Hi-Fi sound of this instrumental song reminds a bit on the typical 80's ballads, but still feels fresh and unspent. You can find a lot of hidden details in this song, even after many listens. Atmospheric synthesizer sounds and acoustic instruments are found together and let you be lost in thought. The main melody is played by the guitar player Fernando d'Amico.

The second single "Secrets of the Forest" (released on 05/08/13) describes the atmosphere of a deep enchanted forest full of magic and wonders. Many different paths lead to hidden places within this forest, guarded by mysterious beings. Legend has it that a huge water dragon lives here, but no one who dared to venture there has come across its lair yet.

This song describes the atmosphere of this magical place with haunting pan flute melodies accompanied by atmospheric synthesizers. Ethnic percussion instruments and flutes play along and add to the mystical ambience. This relaxing song has a soothing feel to it that makes it the perfect choice for fans of new age and calm instrumental music.

The third single "Chambers of Stone" (released on 06/27/13) describes an ancient labyrinth floating in the sky with a magic crystal soaring at its centerpiece.

The legendary sound of the 1980's is celebrated with this song, which conveys the adventurous mood of this magical setting through the use of bells, mystical saxophone melodies and a strong drum beat. Fans of Michael Cretu, Sandra, Enigma, Mr. Mister, OMD, Pet Shop Boys, Jennifer Rush or Phil Collins should take a pre-listen.

All three singles can be downloaded from all major sites like iTunes and Amazon, as well as on the label site. You can find the links below.

In an interview Daniel talks about more interesting details about the album.